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The World Of Watercolours

The World Of Watercolours


As we enter a new year and a new decade, our resolution at Stationery Island is to continue giving our community all of the tools that they need to live our values of ‘Learn’, ‘Create’ and ‘Enjoy’ as they embrace their artistic passions. Our first of many exciting new products has just landed – Watercolour Paper.

Available in both 20 and 50 page varieties, our watercolour pads are available in two grades – Student and Artist. Each has been specifically designed for different art enthusiasts. The Student Grade is a perfect introduction to the watercolour medium, suitable for hobbyists, children and everything in between to hone their skills. The Artist Grade is tailored to more experienced artists, boasting an unmatched cotton blend paper quality to facilitate incredulous creations.

Both grades of pad offer the same lay flat design and 300gsm thick cold pressed paper, making them perfect for use with watercolour paints, brush pens, watercolour pencils and other mediums such as acrylics. Each is dual-sided, with alternating smooth and textured sides that can be easily torn from the seam without fuss should you wish to showcase one of your masterpieces to the world.

With the paper as your canvas, conquer the world of watercolours by pairing a pad with one of our innovative aqua brush varieties and/or Ezigoo’s compact watercolour paint sets. It’s one of the oldest and most beloved art forms across the world and its never been more accessible – what are you waiting for?

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