15 exciting ways to use your Stationery Island Chalk Marker Pens

So you’ve just picked up a pack of your brand new shiny chalk markers from Stationery Island – now what? There are so many things you can do with your chalk markers that you probably don’t know where to start! Luckily, we asked our friend Colleen from Expert Home Tips to put together 15 exciting ways for you to use them.
  1. Make a party sign If you’ve got a party in your back garden then tell everyone exactly where to go by constructing a pretty party sign. Make sure it includes any necessary instructions, such as ‘Come join us through the gate on the left!’ and position it well. Paint an old bit of wood in blackboard paint and then use your trusty colourful chalk markers to make it look fabulous.
  2. Protect your drink It’s easy to mix up your drink with someone else’s if there are limited surfaces to place them down on. Now armed with your trusty chalk markers, you can add names directly onto the glass and never get confused again! This is perfect for a busy party or wedding reception. If you fancy going one step further why not make these wine glass charms from findingmyaloha.blogspot.co.uk?
  3. Make plant pot markers Sending someone outside to get snip some herb cuttings for tea? Make sure they don’t get confused by labelling each pot individually. Use chalkboard paint to cover the bottom of your pots and grab your chalk markers to write out the different herb names.
  4. Write the shopping list Use your Stationery Island chalk markers to write a shopping list on the side of the fridge. Every time you finish an item then note it down for the next big shop. Make sure the surface is non-absorptive material before writing.
  5. Create a festive window Using your chalk markers, why not create a window display at Christmas? Draw baubles, trees, snow – whatever will brighten up your window! Get the kids involved and they’ll be able to enjoy it throughout December.
  6. Decorate a chest of drawers Cover an old chest of drawers in blackboard paint. Using your chalk markers, label the contents of every drawer. Bleary-eyed teenagers can quickly work out where to get t-shirts and jeans from and younger children can learn how to put their clothes back in the right place.
  7. Have fun with your study area If you have a desk space in your home with a blank wall, paint it with chalkboard paint. You can then use your chalk markers to write yourself notes, doodle and include any important dates, such as upcoming exam information. Get some specialist paints and follow the instructions at diy.com.
  8. Write up table numbers & a seating plan If you’re hosting a big event or wedding, use chalk markers to write down table names or numbers. Once this is complete, write out the seating plan on a lovely big board at the front of the room. Everyone will love the bright colours!
  9. Create a menu planner If you’ve got a big family then use a big chalkboard or whiteboard to write down the days of the week on. You can then alert family members to the meal you’re making and give them a chance to say whether they’re going to be in or out. This way you’ll save money on ingredients!
  10. Hang up an outdoor chalkboard Hang up a big chalkboard in the garden so your kids can have fun outside when it’s sunny. They can have fun creating while you give them ideas of things to draw. It’s a good way to get them playing outside and enjoying the sun.
  11. Make a photo prop Before the kids start the new school year, photograph them with a little whiteboard or chalkboard detailing their age, their teacher, the year and a quote from them. Grab a camera and take a quick snap. It will be a lovely moment to look back on – just remember to take one at the start of every school year.
  12. List the order of events Let your wedding guests know the important times of day with a blackboard using your beautiful coloured markers. List the times for drinks, speeches, cake cutting, first dance and when it’s time to leave.
  13. Paint pretty pebbles Take the family out for a day at the beach and grab some big pebbles. When you get home get the kids to draw on them using chalk markers. You’ll be able to store them somewhere and you’ll never forget that wonderful day at the beach.
  14. Make jar labels Check out your dry foods cupboard and see how many packets can be decanted into pretty mason jars. Label them using your Stationery Island chalk pens – your cupboard will be organised beautifully.
  15. Enjoy colourful placemat settings If you’re hosting a big dinner party with family or friends then paint an old placemat with blackboard paint. Write the names of your guests on each one and they will know where to sit – if you’re feeling artistic, try drawing personal doodles for each person.
You can buy our fantastic chalk pens in our online shop. If you want to hear more then follow Colleen on Twitter and read more at Experthometips.com.

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