5 ways to cheer someone up with chalk markers

We all have rough days sometimes and need a little cheering up. You might not have thought about it before, but there are lots of great ways you can use chalk markers to help lift someone’s mood. Our favourite ones are here: 1. A message on the mirror Sometimes a little message is enough to make us smile and remind us that someone cares. Why not leave one on a mirror or window for a friend or loved one?


2. A morning cuppa If you’re up first, why not surprise your partner by bringing up a cuppa and putting it next to their bed before you leave for work, ready for when their alarm goes off. Chalk markers are erasable from ceramic – so leave a good morning message on the mug!  

3. A drink with their name on it If you know your loved one, friend or house mate has had a tough day, or if you just fancy surprising them, why not have a glass of wine with their name on it ready for when they get home?! 

4. Games night Often the best recipe for smiles is having fun with friends. So why not organise a games night? And a chalk pen is your perfect companion! Use it to play games like hangman and noughts and crosses, and keep scores for a range of games from darts to scrabble or for a games console tournament!  

5. A professional menu Cook a fancy meal and lay everything out on a professional-looking chalkboard menu to create a really special evening. If we’ve inspired you, then purchase some of our affordable, high-quality Stationery Island Chalk Markers here.

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