5 ways to organise your home using chalk markers

Life is busy and always changing – it can be hard to keep track of everything. Chalk markers are the perfect way to keep organised – they can write on all sorts of porous surfaces and – crucially – be wiped off again – so they can keep up with what’s going on! Below are the top 5 life hacks for using chalk pens in your home to get organised

1. Timetable

    Using a non-porous blackboard or a glass board, plan out your week with chalk markers. You can colour code to make things clearer, and if plans change, no problem – simply wipe away and rewrite without the need for messy scribbling like with a paper list!

    2. Shopping lists

      Keep a chalk marker by the fridge and every time you realise you’ve run out of something, jot it down on the fridge door – that way there’s no way you can forget! (Don’t forget to check the surface of the door is non-porous, first!)

        3. Labelling

          With chalk markers you can label your food containers, without the need for the permanent labels that can be a pain when you reuse containers a lot. Our favourite way of labelling using chalk markers is on trendy mason jars!

            4. Window reminders

              Keep another pen next to a prominent window, and when there’s something you need to remember to do, write it loud and clear! The perfect way to remember those little household tasks.

                5. Menu boards

                  You know that annoying feeling when you get home from work and can’t think of what to cook for dinner? Solve this problem by writing out your week’s menu with chalk markers at the start of the week!

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