Best chalk marker pens for restaurants

It’s all the rage now to show off your menu on a chalk board in your restaurant or bar, and chalk pens are the way to achieve a clean look with minimum hassle and effort. But which chalk pens are the best ones to use in your restaurant?  

Titles and images

For larger titles and images, we’d recommend Stationery Island chisel tip chalk markers. These 6mm nib pens have a fine edge for outlines and a nice thick edge for broader lines or colouring in. They are especially good if you want to use chalkboard calligraphy to give your board that special flair! These pens also come in a range of strong, vivid colours.

For illustrations of food, we’d recommend Stationery Island Earth Tone Chalk Markers. These more muted, natural tones create beautiful images, which add that touch of class to your board and catch customers’ eyes.

Text and lists

For the finer details of the menu, Stationery Island 3mm bullet tips are best. These write like a normal pen but in the signature Stationery Island bright chalk ink, so you can quickly write out your menu without a whole load of dust!

Outdoor boards

It’s a great idea to have a chalkboard outside your establishment to get people in, and here we would always recommend using Stationery Island Wet Wipe Markers which are resistant to rain!


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