Best chalk marker pens for schools

A lot of teachers hate the dust and mess of using chalk, with a passion. If your school uses blackboards and you want to get round this, chalk pens are the perfect solution! They create clearer writing than chalk and can be wiped away without any faff. They are also great for using on white boards as well though – the variety of bold colours available from Stationery Island really helps to make your board look more interesting and enhance learning. Stationery Island has a host of chalk pens available – here are our tips for the best ones to use in schools. 6mm chisel tip We think the best nib for use in the classroom is the 6mm chisel tip nib. It creates a big enough line so that it can be easily read by your students, but the slanted chisel tip means it’s also smooth to write with. We sell these in classic black or white, or you can get your hands on a multipack of different coloured liquid chalk ink pens as well!  

 Dry wipe We know that teachers are constantly having to rub things out and write new things on the board, and this is easiest with our dry wipe chalk pens, which can be quickly and easily wiped away from non-porous surfaces with a dry cloth. However, if you want to write something more permanent on the board, our wet wipe chalk pens are more resistant and will stay on until they are removed with a wet cloth and a bit of a scrub. Get some of our neon coloured dry wipe 6mm markers here, or check out the rest of our range in our online shop!

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