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Fabric pens are great for a vast array different activities, whether it’s one of those itches that you can’t scratch with Teespring and want to avoid hours of searching in vain or maybe you wanted to commit sacrilege and jazz up your plain white T’s with some amazing personalised designs. Whatever you need this list of excellent fabric marker activities will be your seminal guide to making beautiful and unique creations that you can share with your friends and family.

 There is really an inconceivable amount of things you can do with fabric pens and here are just a few of my best ideas.

That cheap pair of plain canvas shoes you bought for the Gym

 Yes, finally there is  a way that you can actually make use of these! Turn them into something funky and Proto-hipster like these.


 Source : Pintrest

 The intricate detailing on these sneakers are almost reminiscent of a Matisse. So if you ever needed shoes with your own personal French Impressionist design these pens are for you. Me? I think I would rather go with a Kandinsky. The key to really transforming your shoe’s a patience and planning, so make sure you have your design picked out and you take your time over the final detailing.

 Make money on T-springs

If you get good enough why not try to cash in on your oh so obvious talent? Why not right some motivational quotes on you t-shirts and see if anyone loves what you are saying? Or, you could go with some de-motivational quotes there is nothing like nothing but Nietzsche quotes in Serif lettering on a black t-shirt. There are thousands of unique ideas out there if you need some inspiration. Why not try a verdant natural design to really bring your lounge clothes to life, I particularly like this one.

Source : Pintrest


Support a cause!

Do you believe in anything? Like, maybe that all gluten free people are insane?

Well, then these fabric markers are for you. You can write slogans that will really inspire your supporters and get your message out there, great for organizing fundraising events and much more, if you really want to get the professional look for your slogans a homemade stencil is a quick and easy solution.



Make your own Gangster flat peak

If you’re simply just too ghetto to go out and order your own pricey custom design, just grab a pack of Fabric Markers and do it yourself. There are some great examples of DIY design ideas available on Pinterest, why not check them out? As for which flat peak to choose as your base it is really up to you and there are a range of different fits and colours for you to choose from when considering your perfect custom cap. Check out this beauty for instance.


Bored of your drapes or upholstery?

Don’t buy a new sofa or set of Curtains simply spice them up a bit with Fabric Markers. There are plenty of great ways you can breathe fresh life into your interior design with Fabric pens. You can make customised throw pillows that not only give your home that personal touch but also make great gifts for friends and no matter your taste as you are the designer you can make sure you have a consistent design. Hey, why stop with just throw pillows and curtains, this individual took it to the next level and decorated their entire sofa.


Maybe a little ambitious as a first project, so let’s have a look at what we can do about the drapes. First of all preparation is key as with any DIY project, so do your research first, there are plenty of places where you can get beautiful professional designs and stencils, so you can really make something beautiful. To give you an idea of how it is done right take a look at this.


So now you know there are a range of fun and fantastic things you can do with fabric pens, why not try some of them yourself, all you need is some Fabric Pens and a project you can get lost in. Check out our Range of Fabric Pens here.

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