Dry wipe ink versus wet wipe ink.

Choose the best pen to make your mark.

Words are powerful things, but you have to use them carefully, and just as importantly, when your message is being read by the public, you have to craft them with the right tools.

Choosing the right pen for the job isn’t always as simple as it might seem, and it’s something our customers often need a bit of help with.

In order to make the right choice you must be very clear about what you need your pen for. It might sound silly but each pen has a specific use, and is designed for optimum performance in certain conditions.

When looking for a marker, the first and biggest choice you need to make is wet wipe or dry wipe.

Let me explain.

Wet wipe and dry wipe are two distinctive types of marker, and both are among our biggest sellers. There are, however, some very important differences.

Identifiable by the ‘D’ in the pen’s name, a dry wipe marker is designed for use on boards. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, its unique quality is that its ink can be wiped away easily and cleanly with just a dry cloth.

This makes the dry wipe pen ideal for use in classroom-type scenarios or on kitchen or living room noticeboards. It’s great for use in offices, allowing for ideas to be quickly scribbled down and amended with minimum fuss.

However, it’s not the best choice in situations where you need your words to be around for longer.

This is where the wet wipe marker excels.

If, for example, you need to display prices on boards outside your shop, or menus outside your café, restaurant or bar, a wet wipe marker will make your message stand out.

Crucially, it will also prevent it from being easily wiped away or from fading, as people brush against it, for example.

It can still be easily rubbed away when you need to make changes, but a wet cloth and a bit of a scrub will be needed.

So, when choosing a marker, remember the following points;

  • Dry wipe marker ink can easily be cleaned away with just a dry cloth. This makes it suitable for use in classrooms or on drawing boards where there’s often the need to quickly rub out work.
  • They are identifiable by a ‘D’ in the product name.
  • The wet wipe marker’s ink needs a wet cloth and a bit of elbow grease to clean it away. A wet wipe marker is therefore ideal for exterior noticeboards or displays.
  • Wet wipe markers have a ‘W’ in the product name.
  • But both options come in a range of colours and sizes so there’s always a pen that matches your needs.
So choose the right marker for the job and make your words really count. Banner shop dryBanner shop Wet

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