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Five Uses For A Fineliner

Alex Antliff

Posted on May 17 2019

Five Uses For A Fineliner


There are many types of pen in the world – from the humble biro to hundreds of specialist instruments for drawing, writing and everything in between. Few pens are as versatile as the fineliner and here at Stationery Island we are delighted to introduce two new additions to our product range – the Fineliners Pack Of 6 Black and the Fineliners Pack Of 24 Colours. The former offers tremendous flexibility, with six different nib thicknesses, whilst the latter offers great variety, with just one nib but a spectrum of colour options.

To celebrate their launch, we are offering 10% off the purchase of either product throughout May. Use the code ‘FINELINERS10’ at checkout. Alternatively, you can enter the giveaway that we are currently running on Instagram until the 22nd May.

Already got your hands on a set? Here are 5 ideas to get you started with getting the best use out of them:

Outlining - Got an amazing drawing that you want to make more stand out? Go around the edges originally etched in pencil with your fineliner to create a bold and eye-popping outline.

Drawing - Confident in your drawing abilities? Why not cut out the middleman and stop using pencils entirely? Jump straight into the deep end with your fineliners and make use of the different nib sizes to create vibrant monochrome masterpieces.

Writing - With their comfortable grip and smudge-free ink, your fineliner is perfectly suited for everyday writing. Clip your favourite black fineliner to your notebook so it’s always on hand or switch between your coloured fineliners to create colourful notes – perfect for revision, recipes and everything in between!

Tracing - Tracing an image has never been easier, whether you’re using a tracing paper, mirror or board. Simply go around the lines to instantly have a sharp outline to work with.

Bullet Journal - It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with Bullet Journals here at Stationery Island. A good fineliner is an essential accessory when creating spreads, hence why including one is our Bullet Journal With Accessories sets was essential! Whatever you are using your journal for, your trusty fineliner will make it more effective and eye-catching.

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