Great Hacks to Boost Your Business with Chalk Pens

Great Hacks to Boost Your Business with Chalk Pens

Chalkboard signs, or sandwich boards (whatever you want to call them) are cheap and effective way to drive footfall from the street into your shop, but there is a knack for getting your message across effectively. In this post I will give you some of the best tips for making your message really stand out with chalk pens.

Bright Colours
If you are going to compete for people's attention it is vital that you use colours and imagery to really grab passersby attention. Chalk pens can be used to create immensely detailed and eye catching displays which get your message across immediately.Have a look at some of these bright and bold examples.

This board  immediately makes the viewer of the crave a nice Gin & Tonic or maybe that’s just me. Notice the way the pictures are thematic to the subject right down to the olives in the corners.

All the way from an Ohio grocery store is another great example of eye catching chalk pen imagery used to draw in customers . The image itself is composed in such a way as to infer the quality of the product they are selling, fresh and wild fish. Brilliant!

You can check out Stationery island's 3mm Pack of 8 liquid Chalk Pens  to create vibrant and distinct displays.

One final example before we move on.

Here we can see chalk pens used in a classic design with just minor splashes of colour that emphasize important pieces of information that forces your customers to see what you want them to see at a glance .I would recommend 6mm Earth Tone Liquid chalk markers for creating this type of effect.

So what if I have all the artistic abilities of a two year old with a wax crayon I hear you ask? Well then the solutions is covered in the next hack, simply be funny!

Great Humour Brings Great Results
You can persuade a passerby to enter your shop just by appealing to their sense of humour, because laughter is the best medicine and also a great sales pitch. let's look at some great examples.

Humour used in this way adds a great deal of personality to your brand and gives a sense that you are not just a brand but a relatable business with a sense of humour. Stationery Island Chalk pens can be used to dish out daily doses of humour as they are easy to wipe

Next we will see how the Fleming Arms uses their funny board to increase the sales of food to their patrons with a distinctly safety conscious message.

Simple, funny and insightful… You can use Stationery island's 3mm wet wipe white Liquid chalk markers as they are great for non-porous chalkboards .

Next we have a business that is either desperate or genius… but I think it works

So now you know one of the best ways to charm you customers into parting with their cash is a good sense of humour that sets your brand apart from it’s competitors we can take a look at other ways you can use chalk marker displays to leave a lasting impression not just on the exterior but on the interior of your store.

Check out next week's blog post where I will be compiling a definitive list of the funniest chalk signs the internet has ever seen

Interior Chalk Boards
A lot of successful business, particularly restaurants, cafes and bars used chalk pens to display promotional messages not only on the outside of their store but on the interior as well. The messages  can be purely promotional or maybe even just a way to improve the ambience of your space, I think a blend of the two works best.

This independent dairy chain in Connecticut for instance has really gone above and beyond with this liquid chalk display that tells their brand’s story, this is great marketing in venues such as cafes and restaurants where people often idly reflect because it give them a way to engage with your brand passively. 

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