How to do basic chalkboard lettering

Hand-drawn typography, or hand lettering, is enjoying a new wave of popularity – and rightly so! It creates gorgeous effects, and is a fun and relaxing hobby as well! We’ve put together a simple guide for beginners wanting to learn hand lettering. Stationery Island chalk markers are perfect for doing lettering on chalk boards, and as they can be wiped off it means it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes! (Although, as always, don’t forget to make sure you are using a non-porous surface if you want the markers to be erasable).
  1. Kit

First of all, you will need some chalk pens. Stationery Island chalk markers allow you to create clear lines in vibrant colours, without all the mess of chalk. They can also be easily erased from non-porous surfaces. Which leads us to the second piece of kit…a chalkboard! If you want to be able to erase the ink of the chalk pens then please make sure the board has a non-porous surface – we recommend testing it before you get going.


2. Choose a font There are thousands of fonts out there, so take a look on the internet for a typeface or hand lettering font that you’d like to use as a basis for your piece.

3. Design We would recommend doing a practice run of your design with a pencil and paper so that you have something to work from. With hand lettering, spacing is everything. You want the words to be nicely laid out, and also a good interaction between the letters. 20160901_164957          

4. Outline Write out your words in just a single line initially, copying your chosen font to get the shapes of the letters.


5. Add different thicknesses The different thicknesses of the lines are the key to beautiful hand lettering. For each letter, where you would do a down stroke when writing normally, the line should be thick, whereas an upstroke should be thin. It can help to draw some arrows on your paper design to guide you (see below), or of course you can jump straight in if you’re feeling confident.











Broaden each stroke with outlines and then colour in. Voila! Your first piece of chalkboard hand lettering!


Look out for future blog posts with different chalkboard lettering and chalkboard ideas. Get your chalk markers here!

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