How to erase chalk marker ink from a porous surface?

This blog post explains how to remove liquid chalk marker ink if you have accidentally used it on a porous surface.Chalk markers, Stationery Island, MRZ Stationery, Stationery Wholesale, Bulk Buy, Markers, Import, B2B, Buy Online, E-commerce, Business, Office Chalk markers, be it Stationery Island or any other brand on the market, should not be used on porous surfaces – chalk ink is a liquid, and porous surfaces will absorb any liquid applied to them, making it harder to wipe it off the ink. That’s why we always strongly recommend testing the ink on a hidden part of your board first to check that it can be erased easily. However, if you have used it on a porous surface, the good news is that the ink of our product is water based, so whilst it may have seeped into the pores of your board, it is generally removable. The best way to remove the liquid chalk from your board – tried and tested by us – is with a melamine foam magic eraser, such as a Mr Clean Magic Eraser, Scotch Brite Easy Eraser or Flash Magic Eraser, and a window cleaning fluid such as Windex. Simply spray the board with Windex and then rub clean with the magic eraser, as demonstrated in the video. In most cases, this method will remove all traces of the chalk marker from the board. If you have used the markers on a blackboard that is particularly porous and the ink still cannot be removed, or if the surface of the board is damaged during the cleaning process, all hope is not lost – it is possible to buy chalk board paint from most DIY stores to repaint it! Do remember though that chalk markers are really designed for use on non-porous surfaces, so as we said, always test your surfaces before use! Your chalk markers can still be used on all sorts of non-porous surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, glasses and mugs. They also work great on Stationery Island glass boards, available in black or white, and can be easily removed – these are available on Amazon. Visit the Stationery Island online shop here!

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