How to get your chalk marker started

Are you having trouble starting your chalk markers? Don’t worry, we’re always on hand to help and answer your questions. Read this short guide and you’ll be able to start your marker in no time. We package our pens with dry nibs to ensure that the pens do not leak in transit and to make sure the ink does not run out before you have the chance to use them. This means that before you use the pen, you must 'start' it to get the ink flowing. We have demonstrated how to get the pens working in the following YouTube video:
It is very important to carry out the following steps to get the pens started: 1) Shake the pen vigorously for 5 seconds before every use. You should hear the metal ball moving inside the pen. 2) Press the tip of the pen repeatedly, up and down several times as shown on the video, until the ink has filled the nib completely. Your chalk marker should now be ready to use. If the ink is still not coming out properly, then repeat the above steps. It might also be worth giving the pen a few extra pumps until the nib is really dripping with ink to make sure that it is completely covered. Of course, if you have any questions about Stationery Island chalk markers, then we are always happy to help – simply send us an email at View our full range of fantastic chalk markers here.

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