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Introducing Etchr's Art Satchels

Alex Antliff

Posted on June 04 2019

Introducing Etchr's Art Satchels


Here at Stationery Island, our number one goal is providing opportunities for our customers to live our values of ‘learn’, ‘create’ and ‘enjoy’. We are constantly seeking out not only new products of our own, but likeminded companies around the world that want to change the game for aspiring artists, from beginners and hobbyists to seasoned veterans and professionals.

To that end, we are delighted to announced that we have partnered with Etchr, an Australia-based supplier of unique and innovative art supplies, to distribute their product range from the United Kingdom. Co-founded by partners Simon Frisby and Yan Zhu, Etchr’s unique business model sees them seek out independent creators of bespoke art products around the world, partnering with them and lending their business expertise to bring their creations to life on a larger scale and distribute them across the world.

Their journey began in 2017 with the launch of their Art Satchel. Born out of Australian designer Darren Yeow’s frustration with conventional carry bags, the satchel is a revolutionarily versatile product that provides infinite options for artists on the go, with secure and adjustable storage for all manner of art supplies. Weatherproof, wearable as either a backpack or messenger bag and usable whilst sitting, standing or mounted to a tripod, the satchel has been a trailblazer in the art world, earning rave reviews from the artist community.

The carry range has since been expanded with the minimalistic Slate Satchel, its Mini Slate Satchel equivalent and the compact Field Case, as well as a range of accessories to enhance the functionality of these and the original satchel further, including the Mirror that enables seamless projection of any image onto a surface for copying.

We are hugely excited to offer these ground-breaking products to a wider audience. To celebrate we are offering a massive 33% off our Stationery Island Dual Brush Markers Pack Of 12, Ezigoo Watercolour Paints Pack Of 12 or Stationery Island Aqua Brushes Pack Of 6 products when purchased with any Etchr item – simply use the code ‘ETCHRISHERE’ at checkout!

Be sure to join the Etchr community on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to stay up to date with the latest updates on their creations and keep an eye on our Stationery Island Instagram and YouTube to see how we’re putting them to use in our own creations.

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