Keeping Organized with Chalkboard labels

Keeping Organized with Chalkboard labels


Have you got one of those pesky housemates who is always stealing your cheese from the kitchen? Maybe you have kids, are they always stealing your chocolate or if they are teenagers your beer? These are all great reasons why you need chalk sticker labels and to start let's talk about the kitchen.

Let’s start in the kitchen

Ever felt that your kitchen just doesn’t feel quite organized enough? Then you may need some Chalkboard labels. Do you keep putting sugar in your mashed potato and salt in your tea or severely damaged your friendship with your ultra-hipster friends by not knowing which jar you keep your organic sugar in and whether those cookies in the cookie box were actually gluten free? Well now you can tell with Chalkboard sticker Labels!


Now on a serious note, Chalkboard labels really help me keep things organized use them to put use by dates on everything so that I never end up eating three month old lasagne again. It always helps when I am planning my meals for the upcoming week. I tend to cook on Sundays so that I don’t have to during the week then just heat my food every evening or take it to work. So when I make a delicious vegan curry that could feed a house of 10 people I box it up into several containers and then label it all so I can eat it over the coming week at work mainly because I have no friends to enjoy it with, which is strange as I am not actually vegan or vegetarian.

It’s also great to use chalkboard labels for my extensive spice collection because it can sometimes be hard to tell at a glance whether something is Oregano or mixed herbs and that is just a disaster waiting to happen.

 I also like to use fresh herbs to make teas, Rosemary is great if you haven’t tried it, and so I label my tea containers with the names of each specific tea. As a student I used to work in a lot of cafes and all the trendy hipster ones used to do this with chalk labels as well. It just has such a nice old school feel to it.

 These chalkboard labels are really handy if you’re a student or live in a shared house with a bunch of strangers. You can even personalize your messages, for the intended recipient like “Hey Gareth, hands of my Stilton, you philandering cad!” This would not only help you save money but also avoid a direct confrontation and establish boundaries in your relationships with people you live with.

Have you ever felt like organizing your garage?

Well now you can make that Sisyphean task a little more fun, and put a chalk label on that desiccated four year old Christmas tree you have been keeping for some absurd reason. Keep all your tools neatly in boxes so you never forget where that rusty hoe you keep leaving in the garden is again. That and you can also put a chalkboard label on your trusty lawn mower and name it Knasher so you can pretend you're not so cripplingly alone.

 If you're a real man then you probably own some tools and maybe a large selection of varying sized screws, for putting up shelves and stuff or maybe you are trying to fix a sprocket to a flange or something. Trust me when it comes to DIY I know what I am talking about. The chalk sticker labels in this case could help to claim your items back from eager borrowers and lazy returners as well as keep your workstation organized. Here is an example of how immaculately organized you could be.

Organized your wardrobe

If like me you still have t-shirts from the 1990’s and you really need to sort out your wardrobe you should try getting some nice boxes and sticking chalkboard labels on them. Like this.


You could go completely crazy and organize all your shoes into boxes and label them, I have separate sections for my flats, high heels, boots and trainers for when I go jogging. I am so organized some might even call it sad.

So if you are ready to take the next step on your incredible journey to becoming world’s most dull person, You can get some Quality Avery chalkboard labels here & start organizing your life today, tomorrow, or the day after!

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