Magnetic boards: A brilliant alternative for whiteboards


Magnetic boards: A brilliant alternative for whiteboards

There are a growing number of alternatives to the traditional whiteboard or blackboard these days but with such a wide variety of choices it can be hard to determine what is the best option for you, because I have such a rock & roll lifestyle I will be doing the hard work for you and letting you know all the different options you have for your memo board needs and the pros and cons of each.

Whiteboards: Melamine or Porcelain Steel

So as any distinguished doctorate of whiteboard studies will tell you, there are two almost equally boring materials that whiteboards are made from, but they do have some distinct differences.

Melamine Whiteboards


    Low-cost - The cheapest option for your whiteboard needs is Melamine, these whiteboards are constructed of a plastic film overlaid on a white piece of hard board. These are an ideal low cost option for people who will not be using their whiteboards every day.


    Ghosting - Due to the construction of the whiteboard with its thin plastic writing surface, it is more susceptible to Ghosting after prolong use, this means that your Melamine whiteboard may be permanently marked by the pens you are using if you fail to clean it correctly after each use. This means that Melamine whiteboards can be as high maintenance as my ex-girlfriend.

    Porcelain Steel Whiteboards


      Durable - Porcelain Steel whiteboards are more durable and long-lasting than their Melamine cousin’s, so much so that Oscar Wilde once said “Porcelain Whiteboards are truly the Rolls Royce of whiteboards”. I didn’t make that up I promise. So if you are a teacher looking for a whiteboard to use in your school or in a profession that requires you to use your whiteboard intensively then you really are better off forking out extra to ensure you get a good quality porcelain steel whiteboard.

      Magnetic - Porcelain Steel whiteboards are magnetic meaning you can use magnets to stick things to them, like sheets of paper, homework, shopping lists and any other assorted bric a brac you like.


      No Ghosting - Porcelain Whiteboards are much less susceptible to ghosting than there Melamine counterparts, meaning that no matter how long you leave your work on the board it will wipe away easy without the need for extra cleaning products. 


      Expensive - Porcelain steel whiteboards cost more than Melamine, but may ultimately be cheaper than replacing you Melamine board several times.

       Magnetic Glass Boards (Magnetic Memo Boards)

      Next I shall outline the new cool kid on the block, the Magnetic Glass Board, these are a great alternative to whiteboards for a number of reasons. Firstly, they look great and secondly I am fairly sure that if Tony Stark was real this is what he would use instead of a whiteboards. Trust me Magnetic glass boards are a great way to organize. I know this as I am possibly the most disorganized person you will ever meet and I am also fantastic at losing things...I even lost my mind once. So here are the Pro’s and the Con’s


       Tres Chique - Yes that is French, because only the most fashionable and sophisticated people with the best taste in the world use glass boards, they look great anywhere. Check this cool Magnetic Memo Board in a white room, it could be in a modern art gallery for god’s sake!

      Completely Non-porous - That’s correct because glass is nonporous, these Magnetic Glass Boards never ghost and don’t require special cleaning products unlike my ex.

      Magnetic - The majority of Glass boards on the market today are Magnetic meaning you can stick anything you like to them, some of the magnets even come with a hand holder for you pen.


       Don’t Drop it - Although most Magnetic Boards are made of toughened glass, I would still recommend that you don’t drop them, unless you like cleaning up shards of glass.

       Which to buy

      I think of all the options the Magnetic Glass Board is the best choice, unless you’re a hipster and you simply have to go old school with the blackboard. Just in case you were wondering I happen to have a few Glass Magnetic Memo Boards knocking about.

      Magnetic Eraser                


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