Five Must Have Office Stationery For 2017

Five Must Have  Stationery For Your Office in 2017

The office supplies that every organization needs depends on the industry in which the business operates and the nature of tasks performed by the employees. Despite the wide variations in the use of office supplies, there are some items that are used by all organizations, irrespective of the nature of their operations, and these essential items are explained below.

  • Glassboards 

Glass blackboards are the modern version of the traditional whiteboard. Glass is the perfect writing surface, it will never fade or ghost and will last a lifetime! Furthermore Glass boards are easy to write on, super-easy to clean, scratch & stain resistant. They make a great first Impressions in your conference room as using glass boards for visual display portray a company as being sleek, modern and stylish. If you don’t like a lot of fuss the I would suggest you go for a magnetic glass board as these are easier to install. You can find some Good magnetic glass boards
  •  Chalk Pens

Laying things out visually is key to communicating information especially when you intend to express complex information in a way that is easy to understand. Having a pack of 8 or 10 different coloured markers is an unbelievable help in adding a visual or interactive element to presentations. Whether you are brainstorming together with colleagues on a glass board during a meeting or Displaying important figures or KPIs for your team to stay up-to-date with company’s statistics, Chalk marker are a cost effective and convenient way of communicating information. Click here to shop some popular collections of Chalk pens

  • Magnetic Whiteboard  Erasers

Never search for your eraser again with  Magnetic White Board Erasers. They can attach anywhere on your whiteboard and removes markings quickly. Good magnetic erasers are gentle to the glass surface while effectively erasing without scratching or leaving residue of chalk or can click here to view some magnetic Erasers


  • Correction Tape

Forget blowing pages! Correction tapes dry quickly & you can rewrite instantly. Correction tapes are much faster than correction fluid & avoid also get to avoid dealing with messy liquids! Good correction tapes are about hand size and are easy to carry in a regular pencil case.They should preferably have transparent front cases so you can see in live when you are about to run out of white mask.You can see some good examples Here

  •  Erasable Pens

Erasable pens are great for people who prefer to erase writing instead of crossing it out. Erasable pen ink doesn’t smudge after you’re done writing.They are good for taking notes,Jotting down appointments in calendars,Writing lists or a set of ordered items.Go here to view some

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