Rainy day activities for kids using chalk markers

If you’re a parent, you know the feeling – it’s the weekend and you’d planned a lovely day out with the kids, but the heavens have opened and you need to think of something else to entertain the little ones. If you have chalk markers in the house, you’ll never need to fear! Here are our top 5 ideas for rainy day kids’ activities with chalk pens.
  1. DIY chalkboard mazes

Using a chalkboard, glass board, or any other non-porous surface, draw out a maze in one colour that your kids then have to find their way through using another. And you can get them to make the mazes too! Guaranteed to keep them entertained, and when you’re done you can wipe it all away with no mess and without the dust of traditional chalk. 

  1. Car park game

This is kind of similar to the chalkboard maze, but once it’s all set up it will keep kids entertained on their own for ages without the need to keep erasing what you’ve done and starting again. Draw a row of parking spaces down one side and put numbers or letters in them. Then draw out a maze-like road on the other side, and challenge your child to get from the starting point to a certain number or letter by finding their way around the road. And you can keep going until they’ve done them all!



  1. Decorate the window

The great thing about chalk pens is that you can create art anywhere – for example on the window! Kids can have hours of fun drawing on and decorating the windows – and it can all be wiped off again later with no dust or mess. You could even have a theme at different times of year like Christmas or summer!    


  1. Decorate pebbles

Another arty one here. Decorating pebbles is all the rage and you and the kids can have so much fun with it. You can write names or sayings on them or make them into little characters or animals. The bright and vibrant colours of chalk markers are great for this – they show up much better than felt tips but don’t have any of the nasty fumes of traditional marker pens.


  1. Erasable hangman
This is especially good for kids who are learning letters and spellings – and is loads of fun too! You can use a glass board or non-porous chalkboard, or again you can just use a window or any other suitable non-porous surface!   To get your high quality, good value chalk markers so you’re prepared for the next rainy day, visit our online store.

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