Top 5 Brush Pen Techniques

Top 5 Brush Pen Techniques

We’re super excited about the new Stationery Island Brush Pens. As the nibs are actual brushes rather than felt, they are extra soft and flexible, meaning that creating flowing lines of different thicknesses is really easy, making them great for lettering. And what’s really special about our brush pens is that the ink can be blended really easily with the aqua brush, just like watercolour paints – but without the mess. As an introduction to using them, here are our top 5 techniques you can achieve with the brush pens. Watch this space for more detailed tutorials! 1. Watercolour blending Our brush pens allow you to create beautiful watercolour effects - just make sure you are using good quality paper such as watercolour paper. Prep the paper by wetting it using the aqua brush, then add the colours you want and blend away!

2. Lettering As we mentioned, the nibs of our brush pens are nice and soft so there’s no stumbling on the curves as you write with them. To achieve stylish calligraphy effects, apply more pressure on the down-strokes to achieve a thicker line and use the nib of the pen very lightly to create thin lines on the up-strokes!

3. Nib blending Add an extra wow-factor to your lettering by creating this gorgeous gradual two-tone effect. Simply colour the nib of a lighter coloured pen with a darker one and then start to write – watch how one colour beautifully fades into the next as the extra ink on the nib runs out.
4. Half-and-half lettering Also known as ombre-lettering, with this technique you use one colour for the top halves of all the letters and another for the bottom halves, blending where the colours meet. This and nib blending are both used in the image below:

5. Colouring If you use the brush pens as they are you can use the lovely, bold colours for your adult colouring book! Top tip: if the ink is not covering all of the nib so you’re finding it hard to get a clear line, simply dip the nib of the pen in water.

Buy your Stationery Island brush pens here and get experimenting! Share you creations with us on Instagram at @stationeryislandeu or with the hashtag #stationeryisland

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