Top 5 ideas for using chalk markers at weddings

Vintage is in vogue these days when it comes to weddings. Pinterest is full of delicate lace, rustic decorations and Polaroid cameras. And it makes sense – you want your special day to be as unique as you, and giving your wedding oodles of character is all part of that. Riding on this wave, chalkboards are also making a massive comeback. But we all know what a mess chalk can be, with all the dust and mess. This is where the modern alternative, chalk markers, are the perfect solution. And they can do more than just write on chalk boards. Below we’ve listed the five top ways you can use chalk markers to give your wedding that special flair!



1. Welcome boards


Create a beautiful and eye-catching welcome board using a blackboard and chalk markers. For a vibrant yet tasteful look, we recommend using a combination of Stationery Island neon and earth tone chalk markers. Then all you need is to get creative…or failing that find an arty friend or relative who’s willing to lend a hand!


Throwback to this absolutely stunning wedding welcome board by Ben Knibbs @ben52knibbs ! 🕊 Who wouldn't want to be welcomed like this? ❤️🙌

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2. Table numbers


Have the chalkboard aesthetic running throughout your whole wedding by having chalkboard table numbers. You could even make your own backing using chalkboard paint on anything from cardboard cut into cute shapes to wine bottles!




3. Glasses


Our chalk markers are also great for writing on glass – provide some so that your guests can write their name on or even decorate their drinks! Our wet-wipe pens are best here as the ink won’t rub off unless you scrub them with a wet cloth. No more confusion about whose glass is whose!


4. Mason jars


Mason jars are all the rage at the moment and add the perfect vintage touch to your wedding. And mason jars and chalk markers go hand in hand! You could have mason jar glasses or decorate the jars and use them as vases or with candles in as atmospheric lighting. Or you could even put sweets or popcorn in them – we just love these popcorn jars on Pinterest!




5. Menus, seating plans, order of events…the possibilities are endless!


It’s hard to pick just five top ideas for using chalk markers as there are so many things you could do! So we cheated and added a few extras in here. After all, chalk markers are the perfect way to display any information your guests need on your big day!




Chalk markers will be your ideal companion for your wedding day. Weddings cost a lot and every little helps, but you also don’t want to scrimp on quality – luckily Stationery Island offers very high quality chalk markers at an affordable price (and in a variety of colours and sizes too! Check out our range at the Stationery Island online shop: Click here to view our products



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