Guide : Where to start with adult colouring

 Where to start with adult colouring


Adult Colouring books are the craft phenomenon that is fast becoming a sensation within certain circles. They are fun and fantastically popular, with huge franchises such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter rapidly moving to cater to this new demand for beautiful imagery just waiting to be given life through colour. As a complete Geek I can’t tell you how much I love the spectacular visuals that HBO and George R. R. Martin have accomplished with their series and I really can’t wait to see the range of colouring books to continue to expand. Whatever it is you’re into you can find a selection of amazing stories for you to breathe life into.

The Best Place to Buy and Recommendations


Some of the best Adult Colouring books available today can be bought relatively cheaply on Amazon. Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom for instance, is a spectacular and intricately detailed tome that guides you through a whole series of verdant scenes. Having sold over half a million copies it is no wonder Millie decided to create a myriad of other titles. One of my favourite things about this book is that not only are the pictures so detailed and animated but they also give room for your own embellishments to blossom in the side lines. They leave space along the borders to let you add your own unique touches.

So here is why you need to get into Adult Colouring

Relaxing - In a time where we all spend hours with our eyes locked on computer screens, it’s a brilliant hobby to help relax those eyes and keep yourself just occupied enough to stop your thoughts from racing.


Therapeutic - It’s calm and soothing pursuit suitable for a plethora of issues such as anxiety stress, insomnia. It’s immensely satisfying, fun and aesthetically pleasing. I find it soothes the soul and quiets the mind. It gives you an immense sense of fulfilment once you can sit back and admire your creations.


Learning - There is so much space to explore your own creativity. Anything you want to create or at least imitate, you can. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to extend your artistic repertoire. You can use the techniques and compositions you see in each new book in order to improve your drawing skills. Practice makes perfect and with guided practice from these exercises, you can improve your skills in a variety of different ways such as drawing Manga, Calligraphy and painting and watercolours.


Knowledge - There are tonnes of Adult colouring books and puzzles for you to challenge yourself with. They can be as simple as colouring each country in the world a different colour to aid you geographical recollection or even extend as far as a useful way to build a mind-palace and visualize thing you need to know. So even if colouring in conventional pictures is a bit banal for you there is a range of ways to challenge one’s self. 


Where to start

 All you need to start is a set of pens, pencils or markers and a beautiful picture to work with. It is really that simple. If you want my recommendation and I can assure you that I am biased start with Stationery Island 48 Gel set with Pastel, Glitter, Neon and Metallic pens. So you can truly create a vision of divinity.

 Click here to view.

You can download and print this Blank owl template from here to try out some colouring and see if you can match the owl from the previous image.

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