Which chalk Pen is for me?

Any good product should be perfectly tailored for its intended use. That’s why at Stationery Island we offer a range of different products to suit any need. Not sure which ones to pick? See our handy guide below.

Bullet tip or chisel tip? Our markers have two different types of nib: bullet tip and chisel tip. Our bullet tip chalk markers come in just one size: 3mm. This is our smallest nib size, and these pens are great for intricate, detailed text and patterns, as they create a round, smooth line. We have these in dry wipe D30 or wet wipe W30.

Our chisel tip chalk markers are thicker, in either 6mm or 8mm. This makes them the better choice for when you have larger areas of block colour, for example. The shape of the nib means that you can draw both thin and thick lines, and they are also fantastic for creating beautiful calligraphy effects. You can get a variety of colour combinations and pack sizes in our 6mm nib, and our 8mm nib is available in a wet wipe packs of 8 assorted colours.

Which colours? We have a variety of different packs and colour options available: White The classic. Perfect for achieving that classic chalkboard look on a black background. You can buy a single pen or a pack of four in both 3mm bullet and 6mm chisel nibs. Four assorted colours Our coloured pack of four contains a white, yellow, red and blue pen with 6mm chisel nibs. Great for if you want to use a few different colours to differentiate between different things, such as prices on signs. 8 assorted bright colours You can really go to town with our pack of 8 – in fabulous, vibrant colours they are especially good for creating elaborate artwork and illustrations and really brightening up your board. Available in 3mm, 6mm or 8mm nib, dry or wet wipe. 10 assorted bright colours The same as our pack of 8 bright colours but with two extra colours for even more variety! 8 assorted earth tone colours These pens are a bit special. With more muted, natural colours you can really unleash your inner artist. These come with a 6mm chisel nib and are wet wipe. Happy shopping! www.stationeryisland.com  

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