Why buy Stationery Island chalk markers?

A quick visit to Amazon reveals just how many stationery suppliers there are these days, and while the high street has suffered in recent years, names like WH Smith and Ryman are still goinChalk markers, Stationery Island, MRZ Stationery, Stationery Wholesale, Bulk Buy, Markers, Import, B2B, Buy Online, E-commerce, Business, Officeg strong, all of which raises the question: why should you choose to buy from us? Well, we know that when you buy online you want to know that your order will be swiftly and properly processed, and that you will receive a quality product for a fair price. We pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices around with the biggest range of products, quick shipping and of course excellent customer service. Stationery Island started because we wanted to bring quality goods to the UK and new products to market, which is why we’re specialists in innovative new lines like liquid chalk markers, which are soaring in popularity. Education and business environments have been transformed over the last few years as new technologies, such as the liquid chalk marker, have seen more traditional stationery items like standard chalk edged out, but these are developments we have embraced. We already offer one of the widest ranges of products out there, including:
  • Three millimetre bullet nibs also in dry wipe or wet wipe ink – ideal for the office.
  • Six millimetre chisel nibs in dry wipe or wet wipe ink – perfect for artists.
  • A huge range of colour options across all of our pens, from earthy shades to our eye-catching neons.
We’re always expanding to reflect new products and developments in the market and we’ve got lots of exciting ideas, so whatever your needs, just get in touch with us.

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