Why is it hard to remove chalk marker ink from some boards?

While for many people, chalk markers are a beloved, trusty product which they can use over and over again and easily remove, some people find that once they have used their chalk marker on a particular surface, the ink appears to stain and cannot be rubbed off. The reason for this is that chalk markers, be it Stationery Island or any other make, are only designed for use on non-porous surfaces. This usually includes shiny surfaces like glass and ceramic. When it comes to chalk boards, it isn’t always so easy to tell whether or not your board is porous. Chalk boards are made of a variety of materials and some of them may be porous. You won't have any problems erasing the ink from laminated, foamex, HPL or coated MDF chalk boards. However, some black boards are sometimes just non-coated MDF boards – just a piece of wood fibre painted black. This type of material is porous and the ink won't erase easily without cleaning products, as it seeps into the board’s pores and is absorbed. Manufacturers use this production method to save costs when making blackboards, and you can even sometimes find expensive blackboards produced in this manner. We always recommend testing your chalk markers first on a small area on a hidden part of the board, leaving it to dry for around 10 minutes and then checking whether the ink can be removed. If you have used chalk marker on a porous surface and are struggling to remove it, don’t panic – the ink of our chalk markers is water based, so can usually still be removed.

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