Why you need erasable pens in your life

Today, I will be talking about some really cool pens, Thermo sensitive gel ink pens to be exact! I even sound like mad scientist when I say that. Tempted to scream “It’s alive!” at this point but I shan’t. Now these pens are nothing like the Erasable pens you may have used in school, the really awful ones that probably left you entire page smeared with ink. These pens don’t smear when they rub out and they leave behind nothing but a crisp white page, so they are perfect for taking notes and a wide variety of other cool applications. 

  The way these pens work is really simple, the pigment within the ink reacts to changes in temperature meaning that the heat from the friction generated when you rub the eraser against the page causes the pigment in the ink to fade meaning you can write erase and start again as many times as you want. So without further insane ranting’s let’s talk about how they can be of service to you.


Great for Teachers

If you’re a teacher or lecturer these are great for marking your student’s work. If you make a mistake with your marking your student never have to know. Plus it also means that if your students want to display their work later on they no longer have to display it covered in scrawls of red ink. What an elegant solution!


These friction pens are also great for creating beautiful lesson plans that will really impress your peers with their distinct lack of messy mistakes and crossings out so next time, you accidentally put one of your activities in the wrong place it will be only take jiffy to correct. So you will no longer have to write out your lesson plans in pencil first. Saving you valuable time, when it’s 2am and you still have about four more lessons to go before tomorrow.


These pens are as easy to erase as they are to right with so they don’t leave pronounced marks on the page. Just make sure you are not using them on your students reports cards, otherwise they might get away scot free.


Also students

These Erasable pens are fantastic for taking notes and most importantly keeping them tidy especially if you are scrawling out about fifty words a minute. You can go back over them later when you have the time and really make them beautiful and easy to understand.

These pens are much easier to write with than erasable pens that were around twenty years ago so you will have no problem keeping of with that maniac professor who teaches like he has something he would much rather be doing.


So make sure you have the right tools to make your revision that much easier and try them out. They are also great for any in class tests and quizzes, just don’t use them on proper exams as a precaution.



Excellent for Planners and Journals

If you are an organized person you probably keep a calendar or planner, but everyone knows that plan’s change, and now with this pen when your flakey friend cancels on that lunch get together so can your planner. If you have a smidge of perfectionism then this is really great for you, because you can keep everything in your planner and thus your life just that little bit neater.

I know that when I write my plan’s in my diary I like to make things pretty so that I can look back upon and review everything and see what I have achieved in the past month or week, when things are neat and tidier this process is just that much more satisfying, so why not try it?


Pro Tips for Erasable Pens

There are something’s that you do need to know about these amazing and innovative erasable pens however.


Official Documents

Not for use on Official Documents. Pretty obvious really you don’t want your signature disappearing from that important contract and then having someone renege on their agreement. Definitely not recommended for writing prescriptions either as a rule.


State Secrets

The Ink can disappear in direct sunlight or when heated but the words can be recovered by placing your notes in the fridge or freezer as the ink cools the pigment will return… which make these pens excellent for Spies and Secret Agents.


So if you fancy sending some secret messages why not give this a go.



Finally, perhaps don’t use these in Formal exams as it could be a disaster if all your answers disappear. Unless of course you are studying philosophy and the question on your paper is “What is the essence of Nihilism?” then a blank page might get you top marks!



So with that in mind why not have a look at our wide selection of premium quality Stationery Island Erasable pens? Check them out here and remember FriXion pens suck.

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