White Wet Wipe Chalk Pens - Various Nibs - Pack of 5

£8.99 GBP

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BETTER THAN CHALK - Give a crisp, matt look to your windows, boards and displays whether they are glass, metal or ceramic. Move from chalk to chalkboard pens for a professional look.

ASSORTED NIBS - Our pack of assorted nibs gives you the ability to have all the precision you need for broad lines, fine points and so much more. Draw big ideas or small detailed work - whatever you decide, this pack will be perfect for you.

LUMINOUS WHITE - Our bold white chalk pens give flawless definition on any surface, perfect to make your words leap out. Create lasting, vivid impressions anywhere.

ERASE WITH EASE - Our liquid chalk markers make clean-up a breeze. Once dry, the ink can easily be wiped off with a wet cloth from any NON-POROUS surface. Always test on a small area of your surface first.

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