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Etchr Optical Image Projector Mirror

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BRING IMAGES TO LIFE – The Etchr Mirror allows you to turn digital images into physical artwork by projecting the image and making it easy to copy or trace. This optical drawing board will help any artist, advanced or aspiring, to effortlessly produce drawings to a professional standard

ETCHR MIRROR APP – Download the Etchr Mirror App to your phone or tablet in order to get the most out of the Mirror. Upload any picture from your own device or the Internet to the App and project the virtual image to any drawing, painting or colouring surface using the Mirror

FOR THE ARTIST IN EVERYONE – Perfect for children and adults alike, whether left or right-handed, the Etchr Mirror can be used by professionals and hobbyists to perfect drawing skills and produce beautiful artwork with ease

ANY SURFACE – Project images onto any surface you desire: paper, textiles, clay, wood - the possibilities are endless! Customise your bags, clothes, book covers, and many more items to personalise and make them unique to you

PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT – With the Etchr Mirror, you save paper, ink and most importantly, your time! You no longer need to print out art to copy or use a lightbox to trace, as the Etchr Mirror mimics the functionality of both without waste

Components Included:
1 x Stand, 1 x Mirror, 1 x Protective Bag, 10 x A5 Ivory Paper, 1 x Instructions Manual

Mirror – 20 x 13.5cm
Mirror & Stand when set up as directed – 20 x 17 x 13.5cm
Weight: 260g with box / 95g Mirror & Stand