Fabric Tape

Fabric Tape

Bind it beautifully

Every part of your arts and crafts can be personalised, right down to the tape that binds it together. Use our range of fabric tape to personalise everything, from lamps and bed posts, to notebooks and cushions. Nothing will be safe from your crafty ideas. Browse Stationery Island’s selection.

Brilliantly versatile

There are so many different uses for fabric tape. Perfect for card making; come up with card ideas and make them a reality with some of this durable and high-quality tape. Putting together a scrapbook of important memories? Stick them down with this tape. Doing something crafty with old bottles? Personalise them or match them to a theme by wrapping this tape around them. Giving a gift to someone special? Finish it off with some of this tape to hold it in place and make it look even better.

Our range is also perfect for special occasions and parties. Spice up your living room with some quick and easy decorations, firmly held on with tape. It doesn’t matter what surface you are dealing with, this tape will stick to wood, fabric, metal, paper, card, glass and much more! There are so many crafty possibilities with this tape.

Varied Stationery Island brand tape

If you want your craft to really come together with something that’s eye catching, then look no further than our range of craft tape. Go for the Stationery Island brand of tape and choose between several colours and patterns. Every pack of Stationery Island tape comes with 6 different designs, ranging from blue polka dots, and floral designs to red and white plaid – there’s a design to fit any theme you’re going for.

Stunning Graceful Decay designs

If you’d like something more arty, then the Graceful Decay range has got you covered. This washi tape is adorned with designs from the innovative textile designer Momoka53. Momoka Gomi is a designer who specialises in traditional craft techniques and aesthetics to bring them into the modern world. Washi tape is special because it can be written on, unlike other plastic-based tape. It can also be re-adhered once it has been stuck down. This opens up even more possibilities for artwork and personalisation.

The Graceful Decay range offers a broad selection of beautiful designs that will look great however you use this tape. Blue Watercolour lets you bring the serene art form to your craft work, and Orange will bring something striking to your projects. You can buy all three of the Graceful Decay tapes in a pack that will save you money.

Free delivery and money back guarantee

If our tape does not meet your expectations then you are free to send it back within the 60 days. We have a 60 day money back guarantee from the date of delivery. Have a look through our range of fabric tape or take a look at the rest of our catalogue of stationery. If you need any more information then please feel free to get in touch using the contact form.

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