Office Supplies

Office Supplies


Get the right tools for your team

Stationery Island offers fantastic deals across a wide range of office stationery. When you order from us we can offer you free UK delivery on orders over £5 and 10% Discount on orders above £30. Even more reason to get your workplace some brilliant stationery. Put some personality into your note taking and let your office explore their creativity with our selection of high quality stationery products.

Bring your visual communications to life

Got a presentation to give to your next big client? Need to create a visual roadmap for your growing company? Want to write an eye-catching shopping list so the team never has any excuse to run out of that essential fuel; tea and coffee? Stationery Island can offer you all of the equipment for the job.

Purchasing a Magnetic Glass Board gives you a sleek and durable surface to write up your key messages to your team using our wide variety of Chalk Pens. Get rid of your stained old whiteboard and replace it with something that will inspire your team. Try our flagship offering, chalk markers, from either the Stationery Island brand or from market leaders Zig Kuretake. They come in over 23 different colours and a variety of nib sizes and shapes, to give you even greater control over how your messages and diagrams look.

Use these to create an interesting and dynamic communication system that will really get ideas flowing. Collaborate with your team and get that project going. They come in value packs of up to 10 colours to keep your business equipment affordable.

If you prefer to write on a chalkboard or want a surface that is flush to your wall, you may want to try the Ezigoo Chalkboard Sticker. It comes with 5 sticks of traditional chalk and can also be used with our liquid chalk pens. Every office is different and the Stationery Island range has been designed with versatility in mind.


Keep your notes neat and organised

Here you can also find Erasable Pens from both Stationery Island and Ezigoo. If you’re taking notes in a meeting, writing a to-do list or updating your office calendar you can use these quality pens. Just scribble your notes and use the top of the pen to rub out any mistakes.

For those who already have a favourite pen that they just don’t want to part with, try using our Correction Tape. They don’t need time to dry like correction fluids, just roll them over the writing you want to erase and write straight over it with the correction. This product is also perfect for any printouts made that need amending.

Free delivery and money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the office supplies that you buy from us for any reason we have a 60-day money back guarantee from the delivery date. Browse our selection of office stationery and buy online today. If you have any questions then please use our contact form!

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