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At Stationery Island we stock a large range of stationery products, we have a wide range of premium art supplies as well as a whole host of products from other high quality art brands. Here are a few inspirational ideas on where to use our bestselling chalk pen range.


Chalk Markers In Your Home

There are so many uses for chalk markers at home: from practical, everyday uses to the more fun and creative. The fact that they can be easily wiped away makes them really versatile, as well as extremely handy to have around. Here are our top 5 uses for chalk markers in the home:
  • Writing Shopping lists
  • Leaving Messages
  • Drafting Weekly Plans
  • Labelling Items
  • Decorative Purposes

Chalk Markers In Your Business

Chalk markers are perfect for a customer environment where you want to display lots of information that is constantly changing – such as in a café or restaurant. Some of the uses include:
  • Menus
  • Outdoor signs
  • Window displays
We are here to help so if you’re not sure which chalk marker is the best for your business just leave us a mail and we would get back to you shortly.

    Chalk Markers In Your Office

    Stationery Island chalk markers are the latest office essential. Their easy-to-use quality, which means you can constantly amend and rewrite things, makes them ideal for the modern fast-paced business environment.Our chalk markers can be used fo the following:
    • For displaying information
    • Leaving Messages
    • For presentations and meetings
    • For General office life such as labeling, Etc .

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