Fabric Pens 6 Permanent | 11 Essential Colours

6 Dual Nib Permanent Fabric Marker Pens | Stationery Island



Stationery Island Fabric Pens dual nib fabric markers give you 11 vibrant colours in just 6 pens, so that you can create your own dazzling designs on clothes, accessories and textiles.

Explore Your Creativity – Stationery Island Fabric markers are perfect to use for personalising tote bags, jazzing up old jeans or designing top T-shirts – the possibilities are endless.

11 colours in 6 pens – The colours included are: black, light-blue, blue, green, dark-green, yellow, brown, red, orange, purple, and pink.

No bleed ink – The fabric paint pens’ top quality ink and fine nibs let you draw elegant lines and intricate designs with specially designed ink which is unbeatable in its ability to let you express your artistic ideas beautifully.

Safe for kids - They are water-based and non-toxic, so also great for doing kids’ arts and crafts – the perfect thing for a rainy afternoon

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