Art Pens

Art pens and Markers

We have a wide selection of Brush Pens available from Ezigoo, Kuretake and our very own brand. These pens have brush tips and special ink that can be blended to make different colours. They can also be mixed with water to create incredible watercolour effects. Your artwork will be brought to life with a variety of strokes and effects; the fine tip can be used for extraordinary detail as well as broad filling.

For something less wet, go for Chalk Pens. These will give you that unique chalk effect, but without the mess and with more versatility. A variety of colours and a thicker, fuller finish improves upon the chalk effect you know and love. Use them to create bold designs for signage, presentations or your own artwork.

If you want even more versatility from your markers, then try one of our Fabric Marker sets. Use these to customise and personalise your clothing or bags. The fine nib allows you to create intricate designs with incredible detail. Revamp that old blank t-shirt with a cool slogan or logo. The ink has been designed not to bleed, so your designs will be just as you intended them. The ink is safe for kids, so you can let them make their own modifications.

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