How do I make an order?

Go to the product page and click "Add to Cart" then go to your cart located in the top right hand corner of the website, please enter and review all the details just to make sure everything is correct.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes, we offer wholesale prices if you're ordering in bulk, our wholesale prices are listed on the product page and you can order in bulk online.

Do you delivery to the EU?

Yes, we can deliver to the EU but please be aware that you are responsible for paying import/customs fees


What is your return policy?

You have 60 calendar days from the date of purchase to return an item. To be eligible for return, your item must be unused, in the same condition that you received it and in the original packaging. You must also have proof of purchase for the item. If you wish to return an item, please contact our Customer Service team using the live chat, the form on the Contact Us page or by emailing cs@stationeryisland.com

What if I purchased something from another site (eBay/Amazon) and want to return it?

Please contact the site you originally purchased your product(s) from to start the return process.


How to use our stationery island chalk pens

Firstly, you need to shake the pen vigorously making sure that the cap is secure. Shake for 10 seconds before every use. On a sheet of paper, press the nib repeatedly up and down for about 15 seconds. Make sure that you keep pumping the ink until the nib is fully covered. Lastly, test that the ink can be erased from your selected surface by making a small mark in a hidden area, let it dry for 5 minutes and check that it can be erased easily. Replace the cap after use. Note: Your surface must be non-porous. Some chalkboards may be porous.

Why should I test the chalk pens before using them?

In order to ensure that the consistency is constant, and to optimise the paint flow. Always try on a piece of scrap paper before using the marker.

Is chalk ink permanent?

Liquid chalk ink can be erased easily from non-porous surfaces. Chalk pens, be it Stationery Island or any other brand on the market, should not be used on porous surfaces. Non porous materials usually include glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, coated wood, etc. but you should always perform a test on your selected surface: make a small mark with the pen on a hidden area of the surface, let the ink dry and check that it can be easily erased with a dry or damp cloth.

Are the chalk pens child friendly?

Our chalk pens are water-based markers. They are odourless and totally safe for children to use. However, due to their technicality, we wouldn’t recommend them for children under 5 years old.

Are the chalk pens toxic?

Chalk pen ink is water based, non-toxic and odourless

Are the chalk pens refillable?

No. You cannot refill chalk pens.

What is the drying time of the chalk ink?

Although the drying time is very rapid, we recommend you wait 5-10 minutes to ensure that the paint is fully dry.

What should I do if I want to make the chalk ink more permanent?

Our ink is permanent on porous surfaces. You could also apply a varnish to optimise the permanency.

What should I do when the tip of the chalk pen has dried?

If the tip has dried, or you have misplaced the lid – do not panic! You can initiate ink flow once again by following the ‘how to use the chalk pens’ information.

What materials can I use my Stationery Island chalk pen on?

Paper, mineral, ceramics, porcelain, wood, metal, textiles, plastic, glass, smooth & raw leather or wax.

How can I erase the chalk pen's ink from a chalk board?

Chalk boards are made up of a variety of different materials and some of them may be porous. You normally won’t have any problems erasing the ink from laminated, foamex, HPL or coated MDF chalk boards. However, some blackboards are often non-coated MDF boards, and simply just a piece of wood fibre painted black. This type of material is porous, and so the ink will not erase easily without cleaning products. Note: You should always perform a test on your selected surface, or on a sheet of scrap paper, by making a small mark with the pen and letting it dry before checking that it can be easily erased with a dry or damp cloth.

How can I erase the ink of the chalk pens?

From glossy, non-porous surfaces you should use a dry cloth or board eraser. From rough, non-porous surfaces you will probably need a cloth damped in water to remove all of the ink that may be stuck in the imperfections of the surface. If the surface is porous, then you should NOT use the chalk pens on them, UNLESS you want a permanent finish. If you have accidentally used them on a porous surface it will be much more difficult to erase the ink. The pores of the surface will absorb the ink and you will need cleaning products to penetrate and clean the ink stuck into these pores. If the pores are not too deep, you will obtain good results using window cleaner and a melamine foam sponge (aka Magic Eraser). If this doesn’t work you may need to repaint the board using chalkboard paint.

The chalk ink is coming out of the pen but it looks too faint or watery

The ink is made of water and pigment. If the pen is not shaken firmly before every use, only the water comes out and the pigment stays inside of the barrel. That’s why the ink looks faint. Solution: Put the cap back on, shake the pen firmly for 10 seconds and pump the ink by pressing the nib gently up and down for 30 seconds

The chalk ink flow is not consistent, I need to keep pumping the ink very often

The solution to this is to keep pumping the ink by pressing the nib gently up and down. Once you see the tip covered with ink keep pumping it for a few more seconds until it is really soaked and almost dripping in ink. The flow will then be steady.

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