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Art Satchels


Etchr's range of art satchels are truly one-of-a-kind. Each bag is completely modular, with a mix of tabs, straps and pouches that offer customised organisation configured to your exact requirements. From pens, paints and pencils to notebooks, sketchbooks and tablets, all your arts and crafts supplies can be effortlessly and stylishly stored and transported.

From the all-purpose Art Satchel and Slate to the minimalist Slate Mini and Field Case, each bag is weatherproof, durable and made from 100% vegan friendly materials. The Satchel and Slates offer tripod support, enabling you to set up shop and start creating anywhere you see fit, conquering any element or environment in the name of art!

An all-in-one solution whatever your craft, the bags are perfectly suited for any items from the Stationery Island or Ezigoo collections. Additionally, they can be paired with Etchr's unique optical tracing mirror to enhance your collection of groundbreaking products created by artists, for artists.

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