About Our Brands

Stationery Island was established in Nottingham in 2013, when our founder began his dream of starting an e-commerce business by selling chalk pens from his spare bedroom. Since then, we have continuously expanded our team, product range and scope to become a market leading provider of art and office supplies.

Our team come from around the world, united by a shared passion for providing the best creative experience for our customers. This is achieved through the provision of high quality products, unrivaled value and vibrant a social community where everybody can live our values of 'Learn', 'Create' and 'Enjoy', sharing and taking pride in their artistic creations.

Ezigoo and PencilMarch are part of Love Trading Limited, which began life in Shanghai in 2015. Initially established as an importer and exporter, they have since evolved into two distinctive brands providing innovative products to support creative thinking.

Ezigoo are dedicated to the provision of home decoration and storage solutions perfectly suited to modern life, whilst PencilMarch are focused on the creation of unique stationery items, offering affordable, compact and high quality drawing and painting supplies to artists from all walks of life, facilitating their values of focus, action, growth and efficiency.


Etchr launched in Australia in 2014 with one goal, to create a bespoke bag that could enable artists to seamlessly work anywhere, comfortably carrying all of their tools and materials. Successfully raising £70,000 from a Kickstarter campaign, they launched the original version of their iconic art satchel and haven’t looked back since.

Since then, they have continuously returned to the creative community to crowdfund additional creations, working with designers and artists around the world to bring their groundbreaking product ideas and concepts to life. Renowned for their unrivalled product quality, unique business model and engagement with their fanbase through prototype feedback and live Q&A sessions, their creations are beloved by artists worldwide, enabling them to indulge in their passions one #spoonfulofart at a time.