Brush Pens - Pack of 12 + Aqua Brush

£8.99 GBP

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BETTER THAN BRUSHES - These innovative pens have a soft brush tip instead of a traditional nib, meaning that they paint like a brush with the convenience of a pen. The blendable ink allows you to create fantastic watercolour effects.

FREE AQUA BRUSH - This travel friendly pack includes a free refillable water brush that you can use to create blended watercolour masterpieces. It has an internal reservoir so there is no need to carry a water glass.

WATERCOLOUR INK - These watercolour brush pens' ink is really easy to blend and allows you to create an unlimited range of colours right on the page, infinite colours mean infinite options. Blend the ink to add a splash to your masterpiece. Use water to create smooth highlighting, shadowing and blending effects.

BRISTLE NIBS - The soft and bold tips allow a great variation of lines and are ideal for calligraphy. The brush markers dispense ink smoothly and evenly to prevent streaking and ink blobs. Each bristle has a great elasticity to retain the original shape even after multiple strokes.

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