Gel Pens

Gel Pens

Be bold with your creations

Gel pens are an essential weapon in the crafty person’s arsenal. There’s nothing better for handwritten notes and colourful illustrations. Have a look at the fantastic pens we are offering in our range.


Choose from an array of colours

These pens are like ballpoints, but the ink they use boasts so much more in terms of colours, shades and even effects like metallic and glitter. The Stationery Island 48 Gel Pen Set boasts, as the name suggests, 48 fantastic colours that will really bring your art to life. 12 pastel colours to bring the rainbow to your work, 12 glitter colours to adorn your crafts and notes with something shimmering, 12 metallic colours and 12 neon colours to make your art really glow.

At Stationery Island, we believe in letting our customers run wild with their creative ideas, that’s why we offer so much variety in the mediums we offer. Use the array of colours and effects to realise all of your designs and illustrations.


Create truly memorable designs

Making a scrapbook? Annotate the photos and stuck down objects with a colourful note or drawing. The thickness of the ink allows you to fill in large areas of colour as well as writing delicate notes. These pens will let you create beautiful handmade cards for special occasions, or maybe just a special someone, no matter the colour of the card. Colouring books are now no longer for kids. Adult colouring books boast more intricate designs, and these pens will really bring out your creativity.

These pens are effective, even when writing on very smooth surfaces, so they’re well-suited to arts and crafts projects. The special gel ink is also acid free, so it won’t fade over time when exposed to the air. This means that your special notes and illustrations will last a lifetime. Stationery Island pens use high-quality ink that is thick and guarantees vibrancy in anything you create.


Take eye-catching notes

Stationery Island’s pen set is perfect for taking notes. The special gel ink that they use is thick and less likely to bleed through thin paper, ensuring that you don’t go through twice as much paper in your notepad. These pens are suited to making eye-catching notes. Make each section stand out by using a different colour – students making revision notes will find these pens absolutely essential.

Unlike many other pens, you can write on dark-coloured paper and it will stand out. This gives you even more possibilities for unique notes and illustrations.


Free delivery and money back guarantee

If, for any reason, our gel pens fail to meet your expectations, then you are free to send them back within 60 days. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all of our products from the delivery date. Please have a browse of our entire catalogue to find the perfect addition to your arts and crafts project.

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