WatercoloursWatercolour is one of the oldest and most popular art forms across the world. With Stationery Island and Ezigoo's collections of paints, brushes and paper pads, everybody from beginners to experts alike can express their creativity through the timeless medium, with supplies tailored to their level of expertise.

Each set of compact and travel-friendly paints comes with a dazzling array of colours, which can be blended together to give you countless combination options on your creations, which will be quick-drying and ready to share almost instantly. Such blending can be taken one step further with the innovative aqua brushes, which come in multiple nib varieties and can be used to create incredible effects.

All art needs a canvas and watercolour paper is the greatest solution for any watercolour painting or sketching. With thick cold-pressed paper, detachable sheets for displaying work elsewhere and a lay flat design, our range is best-in-class for creating masterpieces at home, school, in the studio or on-the-go.

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