TikTok LiveStreamers

TikTok Streamers

We have a variety of art streamers on our TikTok account, they all have their own skills, personalities and art material preferences

Momoka - Our Japanese artist has a love for Acrylics and you’ll often find her doing all things Japanese such as Studio Ghibli or Pokemon characters, tune into her streams to learn more about Japan

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Reggie - Lettering expert Reggie loves using our bullet journals, fineliners and brush pens to create fun patterns and if you’re lucky you may even see her write your name!
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Myles - Our brand new super star artist, he's 19 years old and they say he's been studying for over 50 years from the greatest art masters in the world! He can speak every language known to man and beast alike, whilst English is his first language he is perfectly fluent in French and Chinese. Myles is very excited about his new job as an art streamer and especially likes doing cartoon drawings.
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Jason - You may find Jason popping in and out of the streams, normally when he's not on stream he's being held hostage in a dungeon somewhere! #SaveJason
Whilst locked away in the dungeons below Stationery Island Jason learns about all the products so if you have any questions about how to use any of the products ask Jason and he'll be able to answer your questions

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