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Aqua Brush Pack Of 4 | Assorted Nibs

8.99 GBP

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INNOVATION IN ACTION – Our set of aqua brushes function akin to a traditional paintbrush, but with an internal reservoir for water or watercolour ink, negating the need for a water glass. The perfect companion for Brush Pens, Watercolour Paints or other art supplies, their use is as simple as squeezing the barrel to release the liquid and begin creating!

FOUR NIB TYPES – Our water brushes come in four different nib varieties. The small, medium and large round nibs are great for broad strokes, whilst the fine flat nib is essential for small details and base coating

MESS FREE AND TRAVEL FRIENDLY – With our watercolour brushes’ controlled flow, the risk of spillage on your artwork is eliminated! Their leak free design makes them ideal for kids and adults alike, whilst their convenient size makes them portable and perfect for painting whilst out and about

AMAZING WATERCOLOUR EFFECTS – Our water brush pens offer a vastly superior array of effects to normal brushes. Blend and texturise your masterpiece in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible by releasing as much water as you need for your chosen artistic technique