Correction Tape Pack Of 8 | 5m x 5mm



    1. CLEAN & SMOOTH – High quality film-based white correction tape. Cover writing mistakes in one application & write over immediately with no mess

    2. SMART DESIGN – Specially elaborated to be hand size, easy to carry in a pencil case & effortless to correct. See in live when you are about to run out of white mask thanks to the transparent front case

    3. INSTANT DRY – Forget blowing pages! Quick dry & instant rewriting. Faster than correction fluid & avoid dealing with messy liquid

    4. STRONG GEAR – Unique engineered mechanics prevent the tape twisting. If the tape becomes loose, press the tip firmly, roll it quickly and it becomes fully functional again

  • Do not handle any dirty work anymore, correct your mistakes!
    Stationery Island Correction Tape pack of 8  is ideal for removing simple errors and mistakes with no mess

    Expore your creativity – Stationery Island correction tape is the perfect tool to give freedom to your imagination. Jot down your thinking and if you need to erase it, use your correction tape & write over instantanely. Suitable for both left and right-handed use

    Safe for kids – As the tippex mouse, our correction roller are completely odourless & suitable for children. Certified European Standard EN71

    How to use the correction tape? – Hold the correction tape, transparent front case with the logo facing you. Press the tip on flat paper & slowly cover the surface to correct, from left to right

    Notice: Do not forget to put back the lid over the applicator to avoid the ribbon to become unravelled or dirty

  • Product parameters:

    Item Weight 64 g

    Product Dimensions 15.5 x 1.5 x 15.5 cm

    Colour: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
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