Ezigoo Erasable Friction Pens Pack of 6 Assorted Colours

£5.49 £6.97


  • ALL-IN-ONE - Write on any paper, erase repetitively without damaging the documents thanks to the thermosensitive gel ink formula and overwrite immediately using the same pen 
  • THERMOSENSITIVE GEL INK - The gel ink pens write smoothly with a fluid action comparable to a fountain pen. Do not use on documents you want to last 
  • ERASE BY FRICTION - Use the hard eraser situated on the cap of your friction pen to correct any mistakes by a simple friction movement 
  • Unique thermo-sensitive gel ink formula in 6 colours disappears with erasing friction. 
EZIGOO GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied with your erasable pens - for any reason - we have a 60-day money back guarantee!

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