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Watercolour Pencils - Set of 24

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  • BLENDABLE ESSENTIAL COLOURS – Each of our watercolour pencil sets contains a range of 24 essential colours. Their solubility enables this selection to be effortlessly turned into a much more voluminous amount by blending and mixing, allowing your creations to come to life as they are made richer and more vivid with each stroke
  • SWATCH EASIER – All of the colours in our watercolour pencil sets are highly pigmented to ensure a high standard of lightfastness and consistency, resulting in creations that won’t instantly fade. Suitable for use on watercolour paper or other mixed media. Each pencil is colour coded making it easier to differentiate the different pencils in a swatch.
  • BREAK RESISTENT LEADS – Our 3.3mm Pencil lead has been tested to make sure the solubility of the pigments does not affect the use of the pencils. The leads are already sharpened to a point and sharpening is easy as the leads do not break during the process.
  • SMALL ROUND BRUSH INCLUDED – Each of our watercolour artist sets comes with a traditional paintbrush for the seamless incorporation of other watercolour tools, such as brush pens, into your work.
  • STATIONERY ISLAND GUARANTEE – If you are not satisfied with your watercolour pencils - for any reason - we have a 60-day money back guarantee from the delivery date